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Patients’ testimonials on COVID-19 treatment with amantadine hydrochloride.

Patients’ reports on the treatment regimen. Medical data and more medical cases are available in the comments section below. Further review is possible only with the consent of patients to the institutions concerned.

Dear Doctor Bodnar,
We live in Bulgaria. I am writing this post with great respect for you. Thanks to the knowledge that I found by chance on the website of Optima Clinic, while looking desperately for help for my mother and my brother, who had COVID-19, but also thanks to the medical advices you gave me by phone, my family members recover quickly. My mother, aged 67, has been fighting COVID-19 for almost more than 3 weeks, and the last 2 weeks in the hospital covid ward. Her first symptoms were mild cough, fever and weakness. A few days later she couldn’t get up from her bed, the fever reached 39 degrees celcius so she was taken to the hospital. The treatment there consisted on two antibiotics, dexamethason and a lot of other medicine but nothing that would be antiviral. In the evening of November 3rd, we got a call from the hospital that my mother’s condition is critical and that they immediately have to give her the drug called ProAkterma Tocilizumab (mononuclear antibody). We managed to buy it, she got it and it temporarily improved her condition. In the same time, I found the information about amantadine and dr. Bodnar’s method. I got amantadine 100mg from Greece (where it is called Symmetrel) and on November 5th, with my consent and declaration of responsibility, my mother was started on amantadine at the hospital. Today is the 5th day of the treatment and her condition is a lot better. Because of acute complications, the treatment will last longer but amantadine makes her recover faster. My brother, aged 33, has had these symptoms for over two weeks: fever (sometimes over 39,5 degrees celsius), weakness, breathing problems. He was also treated with antibiotics, dexamethason, preparations for mycosis and fibrosis, probiotics and vitamins. He was started on amantadine on Nov. 5th as well. At that time his oxygen saturation was around 83-85%. Now, after 5 days of treatment it is around 96-98%, with no symptoms. I am sending my very best regards to dr. Bodnar. On our side, we will make every effort to popularize this COVID treatment method in Bulgaria, because the situation in our country is dramatic as well, mostly because of the unawareness of the doctors on how to treat this virus not only its symptoms, but also its cause.
Best regards,

Asen, 10.11.2020

My father was taken to the hospital in severe condition, his lungs were taken over, he had a fever od 39 degrees celsius, saturation 70%. 24 hours after administrating Viregyt K, the fever ended and the oxygen saturation increased to around 90%. Of course, he still has inflammation but he is on an antibiotic therapy and his condition gets better. My mother had temperatures around 37-38 degrees for 12 days. Again, 24 hours after administrating the first dose of amantadine, the fever ended and she is coming back to health. You can see that it is a very good treatment but someone is very concerned not to publicize it. Our government does not care about our health. And drugs that are not tested can be tested on the patients. Crazy country.

31.10. 2020

Good morning. I am 37 years old and don’t have health problems. I’ve never had the flu or other serious illnesses. I am a doctor. Five days ago I got an incredible headache, muscle aches and a fever of almost 40 degrees that was poorly reacting to drugs lowering fever. I also had a terrible lower back pain in the L-S segment with a burning sensation of the skin. Conjunctivitis. The first day I started a symptomatic treatment, the next day in the morning I got a sharp, dry cough, tearing my chest. My body temperature was over 39 degrees. I started an oral antibiotic therapy. In the evening I got consulted by dr. W. Bodnar in order to start the oral treatment of amantadine (Viregyt K). The treatment plan for acute and dynamic course was implemented immediately. In the morning hours the next day the muscle aches and headache disappeared and the fever was minimally reduced. The next day, the cought was slightly weaker and was less painful. My back stopped hurting. In the evening hours after another telephone consultation, we decided to start an intravenous antibiotic therapy and we stopped the oral antibiotic. After the second dose of antibiotic and the next doses of amantadine according to the treatment plan, the symptoms significantly weakened. Today on the fifth day, I got a chest X-ray and quoting: “Lung fields without inflammatory changes and without thickening of the parenchyma, slightly intensified at the basal part of both lungs. Costophrenic angles are clear, the diaphragm is correctly arched on both sides. The left hilar region is slightly enlarged, the right hilar region is normal. Normal heart shadow on CXR. On the lateral chest view the hilar shadow is condensed and slightly widened, the frontal segments of the costophrenic angles are clear. Retrosternal airspace preserved.” I presently don’t have dyspnoea, the radiologist and GP who were analyzing my results and CXR were surprised of the great condition of my lungs as for such a dynamic course of COVID-19. I want to thank dr. W. Bodnar for his help. I know that it is his treatment plan that allowed me to recover without serious conditions. It could have ended differently. Thank you.

An orthopedic doctor, 11.11.2020

We thank dr. W. Bodnar so much for treating our residents. Lately several people (8 persons) were in a very serious condition. In others, the infection was starting. Thanks to the administration of amantadine and two antibiotics, the residents got better within 5 days. What is important to note is that everybody has medical conditions and that is why the infection was progressing very fast. As for today we can say that the situation is under control. Thank you Dr. for coming in person and examining our residents.
Gratefully, the Nuns from Prałkowce

The Social Welfare Home of Prałkowce, 10.11.2020

Thank you Dr. for saving my husband’s life. He was tested positive for COVID-19, had 8 days of dyspnea, systemic muscle pain, cough provoking vomiting and trouble catching breath. His persisting fever of 39,5 degrees was hard to lower and lasted 5 days: he was given paracetamol 1000mg alternately with aspirin every three hours, with little effect. Positive effects were noticed after the administration of the first dose of Viregyt-K, as recommended by dr. Bodnar. With each subsequent dose my husband’s condition was improving and now, 48 hours later, he has no fever since yesterday without the use of drugs lowering the body’s temperature, the coughing attacks are significantly less frequent, the muscle pain goes away.
We are very grateful to you, thank you! May God bless you.

Izabela, 30.10.2020

I am a pediatrician with a 36 years’ experience. My wife (also a doctor) got COVID-19 at work, at the hospital. She got the flu-like symptoms, a short-lasting low fever. Taking into consideration the contact with patients, suspicion of COVID-19 was justified. PCR testing from her throat swab confirmed the infection with SARS-CoV-2. She had a 2-3 days apparent improvement but with time, a gradually intensifying, tiring cough developped. On the 8th day, she had oxygen saturation drops to around 87-88%, despite a lack of dyspnea, and crackles appeared on auscultation. Because of hypoxia, she was taken to the hospital with a diagnosis of pneumonia caused by SARS-CoV-2. She was started on passive oxygen therapy, intravenous steroid and low-molecular-weight heparin. Despite this, her condition was getting worse, she got fever again, this time over 39 degrees. Temporary breaks in oxygen therapy were provoking immediate oxygen saturation drops. At that time, barely 3 days ago, I came across dr. Bodnar’s post on his website. I started analyzing the presented data, penetrating more with the extensive and detailed description of dr. Cezary Pakulski from the Intensive Care Unit in Centrum Leczenia Urazów Wielonarządowych SPSK nr 1 PUM in Szczecin. I came up to the conclusion, that the administration of amantadine in the treatment of COVID-19 makes sense. I bought the available oral amantadine (Viregyt-K) for my wife and recommended its use according to the dosing and treatment plan described by dr. Bodnar. Presently, my wife is after the first day treatment (she got 4 doses of amantadine) and relate a spectacular improvement: the fever stopped, her general well-being got better but what is more important, is that oxygen therapy could be stopped after the first day of amantadine treatment. She is still coughing. We continue the therapy and observe, but the first conclusion is that it works in a spectacular way!
Dear Doctor! I wrote my last post 3 days ago, informing of the spectacular improvement of my wife’s condition after the first day of treatment started on the 10th day of illness (end of fever, normalization of her oxygen saturations without oxygen therapy, overall improvement of her condition). Today we ended the 4th day of therapy, we are on lower doses since yesterday and the improvement continues. The cough is more rare. Although my wife still feels weak, she is getting better every day. What’s more: after two days she partly regained her sense of taste. At first she felt a metallic taste in her mouth, soon after she announced that she could taste the orange she just ate. As for now her sense of taste is selective: acidic meals. She didn’t regain her sense of smell yet. We hope that with the continuation of the treatment she will regain other sensory functions – which I will eventually inform in the future. Dear Doctor! As a medical colleague I would like to express my deep appreciation for your concern, consistent and selfless action, unlimited commitment as well as for your kindness, your dedicated time for numerous phone calls also on your own free will (even late at night). Thanks a lot! Meanwhile, take care and please don’t give up. As far as I can, I try to amplify the case around me. However I ask each and everyone of you, website visitors, to amplify this option of treatment of COVID-19. As a health care worker seeing how many patients already died with COVID-19, there is one question coming up: why does it have to be so since there is a treatment option?! Meanwhile Viregyt K disappeared from the pharmacies (was it redeemed? or withdrawn?). People ask and I can’t do anything about it. Because even if I give them a prescription, so what? This helplessness terrifies me, maybe even more than COVID-19 itself.

Pediatrician Tomasz, 29.10.2020

I would like to thank you Doctor. It started 6 days ago with innocent chills and low fever. Later on it just got worse. 38-39 degrees during the whole day became the new norm, back and sinus’ aches and presence of purulent discharge of the eyes. I am on my third day of treatment…the fever is gone, just as the back pain…I still have some cough that I treat symptomatically. I think that everything will be alright. Thank you.

Marcin, 30.10.2020

I am a doctor. A relative of mine (53 years old) has had COVID-19 for two weeks now. It started with a cough of slight intensity and a fever below 38 degrees celcius. Since last Thursday, the symptoms suddenly got worse with a fever of 40 degrees, weakness, loss of appetite. He didn’t even have the strenght to get up from bed. His saturations were aroung 93-95%. I was refusing hospitalization even though he barely could talk. On Sunday at 3pm he received 1 pill of Viregyt K. It was the tenth day from the first symptoms. Afterwards every six hours. In the night, the fever was persisting. In the morning, he sound better on the phone, he was speaking better. He was not seeing any improvement yet. Yesterday, his temperature increased only up to 38,2 degrees. He started loosing his sense of smell and taste. Today during the night, the thermometer showed 37,3. That’s a significant improvement. He still has cough, which changed to a somewhat productive cough. I plan to starting him on antibiotic therapy. On Sunday his condition was really bad. I don’t even know what could have happened if I didn’t start him on amantadine. I know that this is only one patient who hasn’t even fully recovered yet, but there is already hope that everything will be alright. I thank you a lot Doctor, for fighting for the life of COVID-19 patients. I hope that Viregyt K will soon get recognized as a treatment option for COVID-19 and will save many people.

dr. Grażyna, 27.10.2020

I would like to thank dr. Włodzimierz Bodnar very much for his medical guidance and help in my recovery after almost two weeks of fighting COVID-19. Thanks to the treatment recommended by dr. Bodnar, I slowly but surely start getting better. God bless you!

Bishop of Wrocław-Gdańsk, 30.10.2020

Good morning! I thank you a lot, Doctor! My husband, 59 years, with an ICD, has been struggling for two weeks with a high fever of 39-40,5 degrees celcius (that never lowered below 38 degrees despite the drugs lowering fever), but also other symptoms such as abdominal pain, severe nausea and cough. It has been a day that he is getting the drug from dr. Bodnar, his temperature is constant at 37,7 degrees, the nausea and abdominal pain ceased. My husband got up and is able to walk without help, he even ate a meal. We are very thankful because our situation was depriving us of hope. The improvement is huge!!!


My grandmother, 83 years old. On the eighth of illness her condition started worsening. Her saturation was 84%, she had dyspnea and a high fever of 39 degrees celcius. With no place in the hospital, they refused her admission. An oxygen concentrator allowed to improve her saturation to 94%. 48 hours after having started her on Viregyt-K the fever was gone. Her saturations slowly come back to normal. My grandmother is getting her strenght back.


Thank you Doctor! After the third day of treatment with amantadine his condition improved, his temperature dropped to 37,5 degrees but he was still very weak. On the fourth day of lower dose, dr. Bodnar auscultated my father and diagnosed him a mild pneumonia. He got a Dexaven injection for his shortness of breath and antibiotic injections for five days for his pneumonia. The night was quiet, with no dyspnea nor cough. He feels good and everyday he’s getting better. We’re on the seventh day of treatment, my father feels good and has no fever. Tomorrow we lower the dose of amantadine to one per day. We are in touch with dr. Bodnar all the time. Thank you Doctor for everything.

Dorota, 30.10.2020

After 48 hours of treatment with amantadine, the temperature is 36,6 degrees, with sporadic cough, still without taste nor smell. That does not change the fact that as for today, it is one of the best solutions.

Łukasz, 29.10.2020

When I called dr. Bodnar three days ago, I had a fever around 38 degrees, I had cough and no sense of taste nor smell. I’ve been taking Viregyt for 48 hours and I already feel better. I still have an exhausting cought, but I hope it will be gone soon. Thank you so much for your help! I wish you lots of perseverance. Best regards.

Marcin, 29.10.2020

It has been five days since the beginning of the symptoms and four days since the start of the treatment. All the worst symptoms are gone, I have no heaviness nor pain in my chest, the fever stopped two days after the first dose of amantadine. I am a living example, together with my wife and son, that COVID-19 can be treated.
Once again I thank you very much, dr. Bodnar. A big applause for your courage. I forgot to add that today I got the result of my Monday’s test and it is positive.

Paweł, 29.10.2020

I would like to thank dr. Bodnar very much. I am his 101’st case of a COVID-19 cured patient. I went through a severe course of the disease. In the first week I was taking antibiotics and lots of supplements, I had a fever reaching 39 degrees. After a week of fighting the disease I was feeling that the hospital is the only place where I could get help. This is when I came across the article about dr. Bodnar and his treatment plan, and I thank Providence for this. I has been two days now with no fever and I feel better.
I only regret that I found out so late about Viregyt-K because there have been changes in my lungs (I cannot take a full breath).
The most important point is that this method is EFFECTIVE!!!

Once again Doctor, I thank you very much. I just got the result of my test. Seven days after my first dose of amantadine the test for COVID-10 is NEGATIVE. For the people looking for the drug, there are a few pieces left in small towns. Please use the website gdziepolek. (update 03.11.2020)

Jarek, 28.10.2020

Hello everyone. I had COVID-19. It attacked me very strongly so I was treating myself with various lowering-fever and antiviral drugs, with what we get from the pharmacy. It made the fever even higher: in the evening I had so much as 41 degrees. This lasted for 9 days. I was exhausted, I had abdominal pain because of all the medicaments and had no improvement. On Sunday a friend of mine called me. I told him about my situation and he brought up about dr. Bodnar, that he treats COVID-19 within 48 hours. In the morning I called the doctor. I could barely see, I had hallucinations because of the fever, I wanted to call an ambulance. After my conversation with dr. Bodnar, we changed my treatment. After the first day, I started feeling better although the fever was persisting. On the second day, the fever chills stopped. I wanted to live back again. I started eating, everything is good. To cure a disease there must be a suitable drug. Dr. Bodnar treatment method saved my life and I am very grateful for that.

Jan, 28.10.2020

Doctor, we are very thankful for the compassion and help you give to all people sick with COVID-19. We are with my husband on our third day of Viregyt-K. As for now we are feeling good. We have no fever and the cough goes away.

Maria and Witold, 27.10.2020

I came accross dr. Bodnar’s article by accident. My husband was being sick for ten days, with a fever of 38 degrees, extreme weakness, muscle ache and a deep, exhausting cough. His treatment at that time wasn’t giving any results. I called dr. Bodnar. After taking a full medical history we decided to start him on Viregyt-K. There was a huge improvement after 24 hours and he was getting just better in the next days. My husband was able to function normally, he started walking at home when so far, he was lying in his bed. The cough attacks stopped tiring him. On the third day of treatment he was practically giving no signs of sickness. I would like to thank dr. Bodnar for his generous help. May there be more such people in our health care system.

Kamila 27.10.2020

This drug is really effective. It brought a significant improvement after 24 hours of administration. Huge respect for a doctor, who cares for his patients despite great difficulties. I wish you lots of success.

Barbara, 27.10.2020

Doctor. Tribute to you and respect. I am a dentist in a small town. I called you a week ago because my closest friends started getting very sick. I found out about this treatment method by accident and I wanted to dispel my doubts because I am only a dentist who does not deal with that group of drugs very often. I’ve read about you, I’ve read various literature also in English, that I got from a friend of mine who works in Warsaw as a monitor of clinical trials. This all makes sense. My friends are very careful so they called you first. They were shocked that you just pick up your phone and gave medical advice. I got them Viregyt-K. The day before, my friend suddenly started feeling awful. Headaches, mucle aches, she was vomiting all night long. She was exhausted. They called an ambulance. They put her in an isolation ward, handled her temperature, took a smear and the next day at 5am, they discharged her home, sick and half-conscious. Paracetamol and all the drugs recommended by her family doctor weren’t helping. At that time her husband started feeling bad. They were quarantined at home with their teenage son, completely helpless. My friend called you and then, asked me for the drug (amantadine). They started taking it. The next day she got a little bit better and the day after, significantly better. Her husband was having a cold, not even thinking it could be COVID-19. His condition was deteriorating. Their family doctor ordered a COVID-testing ambulance to be called. It took eight days to arrive. I wonder how long will he be waiting for the result. He still doesn’t have it, but he is already getting better thanks to your therapy. That’s not the end of the story. In my small town there are a few walk-in clinics. Two of them were shut down almost at the same time. My friend who is a family doctor and who was skeptical of the therapy at the beginning, got a smear done because of flu-like symptoms, and went on quarantine. He gave up when he saw the chest x-ray of one of his patients, a week after the beginning of her symptoms. It started innocently but after one week, she had bilateral interstitial pneumonia that was serious enough for her to land under a ventilator. He understood the seriousness of the situation and started himself on Viregyt-K as soon as he got symptoms. After two days he could do his duties normally and help patients by writing prescriptions online. In all the people I know, Viregyt-K reduced or even minimized the symptoms. (…) PRIMUM NON NOCERE. First, do not harm. How many legal cases for killing patients or for medical malpractice because of Viregyt-K does doctor Bodnar have?
I am a doctor who loves her profession and I will fight for the life of my relatives, my patients and mine as long as I can, I will defend every therapy that is effective, on my opinion. This is why I studied medicine, this is why I finished my residency program, to be open-minded to any treatment that CURES. This is why I studied medicine, to be able to use literature and link the facts. This is what I did. If dr. Bodnar, a doctor with 30-year-practice, was only a dreamer – any troublesome patient would already have put him in jail or deprived of his rights to practice. Because we are all in a circus, a treatment that would help limiting the pandemics is blunted from above. TRIBUTE TO YOU, DOCTOR BODNAR.

A dentist, 01.11.2020

I am a doctor. When I was graduating from medical school I was convinced, that our job was to help the patients for the sake of their health and their lives. When observing this whole situation we can conclude, that we [doctors] just need to be prescription writers” according to the applicable procedure instead of treating according to our knowledge, experience and the oath of Hippocrates.
Dr. Bodnar is an example of a real medical doctor, worth following.
I would like to express my greatest gratitude for the information provided, that helped a relative of mine (53 year old male) deal with COVID-19. Amantadine was given on the 12th day of illness. The treatment at the beginning was symptomatic and a week after seemed to bring improvement. Unfortunately, his condition deteriorated: a persistent cough added to the previous symptoms that did not go away. After the first day of [amantadine] treatment, he felt relieved, on the second day there was a significant improvement and today, on the 15th day of illness and after two weeks spent in bed, he got up from bed. The appetite comes back as does the will to live. Once again, I thank you with all my heart and I wish you the very best!

Doctor Monika, 01.11.2020

I warmly thank you Doctor for saving my life during the severe illness of COVID-19. I have been taking Viregyt-K for three days. Since my wife’s first call to dr. Bodnar (because I couldn’t even make a call), he was concerned with my health and ordered drugs that gradually got me out of the high fever and medical condition I had. Today, I got up for the first time. He is a man in the right place as a medical specialist and as a moral person. He is a doctor by vocation, eager to save lives. We are in need for such doctors.

Mariusz, 01.11.2020

Thank you Doctor for every hour of life that my father feels good, thanks to you. Thanks to the drug he applied, he got better every day. Until the skepticals or their families won’t fall sick, they won’t seek help from wise doctors such as Dr. Bodnar. I wish you health and I know that at the end, wise people will acknowledge your work and how you save people lives.

Dorota, 01.11.2020

Hello. My parents aged 60 i 68 years old are on their fourth day of Viregyt-K. They are feeling very well. My father got sick two weeks ago. He is still on antibiotic therapy because of bronchial complications after the infection. He didn’t want to eat for eight days, he has just been forcing himselft to drink vegetable juice, water and tea. He had cough, fever od 38,5 degrees celcius, terrible weakness, dyspnea. An atrocious headache and overpressure in the ears, as he described. My mother started stiffening three days after her first symptoms: stiffness in the hands, legs, abdomen. She had trouble breathing and talking. All of this progressed hour by hour. Weakness alternated with fever. I call for an ambulance, I heard there are no free ones. My mom gasped she is dying and started saying goodbye. The person on the phone heard me crying and told me that an ambulance has just got available and is coming… After speaking with the paramedics we decided to keep her home. Now I know that was the right decision, looking at what is happening in the hospitals. I am convinced that dr. Bodnar saved my parents’ lives.
We have no words to express how thankful we are. Dr. Bodnar takes care of them from the beginning, he is on the phone and instructs us how to dose the drug, he examines them, controls their state and prescrives other drugs when necessary. My father couldn’t sleep since he got sick. He was exhausted. He wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for dr. Bodnar. I do not wish anyone to go through this nightmare like my family did. On the medical telephone consultation we heard to take zinc, vitamin C, Novalgin [USA], paracetamol and we got referall for COVID testing. It is our 4th day waiting for the results. […] Dr. Bodnar was severely ill, he is tired but he doesn’t hide, he goes out to people and does his best to save their lives and health. […]
I wish everybody health and strenght for dr. Bodnar!

Anna, 01.11.2020

I would like to thank dr. Włodzimierz Bodnar for saving my life. When my condition got worse enough, I decided not to wait any longer and I went the fastest I could to Przemyśl, which is 100km drive with a fever of 38 degrees Celcius, asking for medical advice and help, which of course I got right away. After the examination and getting dr. Bodnar’s diagnosis, I got the prescribed drugs, including Viregyt-K 100mg. On my way back I was already feeling better, I was able to sleep the night through and I woke up with an almost normal breathing, although still weak. Today is my fourth day from the consultation and I am feeling well. I think dr. Bodnar is not only a very good doctor, but an even better and fantastic person who cares for his patients. We called him at different times during the day and no matter whether it was the weekend or not, he would always give an advice which, if comparing to calling a GP, is a miracle. I got one drug to be administered intramuscularly. I got one dose administered in Przemysl. For the remaining four doses I needed to ask random nurses, working outside of my living area, to come, because the doctors and nurses working at the clinic I belong to refused to visit patients at home. Respect, dr. Bodnar. I wish you lots of strenght and persistence in fighting with the crazy regulations that don’t mind patients’ health but only money.
Thank you once again for saving my life.


Good evening Doctor. We are on my husband’s sixth day of treatment with Viregyt-K (after eight days of persistent cough causing vomiting, five days of a 39,5-40 degrees fever hard to break, shallow breathing over 30 per minute, total body pain, troubles breathing, sleepless nights). What can I say after six days of taking the “miraculous substance” because Viregyt-K deserves this name. My husband feels good, he breathes at ease although not so deeply yet since the starts coughing when taking a deeper breath, he gets down the stairs without getting tired, which was unachievable three days ago. I would like to tell you, as well as to all of your readers, that I am very happy and very thankful for you taking the risk of saving people, just as a mother fight for her children, not looking at the professional consequences you may have. You added my husband on your patients’ list the day I was loosing all of my hope, when I was worried for his life. I will never forget this day, October 28th (the day of Saint Judah, my best friend ever since), when I called you and presented you my husband’s condition. We ended our conversation at 6pm, I called my sister right away, transmitted her the electronic prescription so she could buy the drug and at 6:30pm my husband already got the first dose after which he just got better and better. Thank you with all my heart.

Izabela, 3.11.2020

I am just after the amantadine therapy and thank God, other than dryness of the mouth, we (two persons over 60 years old and myself, 45 years of age) didn’t experience any other side effect. We all recovered from fever, after 14 hours in my case, a 63-years-old female got the drug on the eighth day of illness and two days later she recovered from fever and dyspnea, her husband started the therapy on the third day of illness and his fever rapidly broke, without the ingestion of anti-inflammatory drugs, two days later he got an energy shot and his condition came back to normal. It is thanks to the fact that a doctor took the “risk” and prescribed THE drug. It was a doctor, a friend of mine.
Thank you. I wish you perseverance.


I would like to thank dr. Bodnar so much for helping to cure me from COVID-19. I am not a registered patient of the clinic. However I got an altruistic medical advice and help. The illness course in my case was difficult: fever, nausea, total body weakness, cough, headache. After taking Viregyt-K, my health condition definitely improved. Today I am able to function normally, although when sick I thought that wouldn’t be possible anymore.
I don’t understand why with such a huge morbidity and the clearly visible positive effect of this treatment, no one got seriously interested in the observations conducted by dr. Bodnar. I am extremely grateful and I will surely testify of the effectiveness of the treatment. Do humans’ lives and health worth more than the profit of pharmaceutical companies? It makes me sad that a man who puts forward the well-being and health of his patients has to confront this amount of problems and wave of criticism.
Dear Doctor, best regards. I am on your side.

Teresa, 03.11.2020

I thank dr. Bodnar so much for a hint on how to treat the sick at home. My comment: give the drug as fast as possible, at the slightest first symptoms!!! The virus also damages the respiratory system. At some point my husband was having 6 breaths per minute, a saturation of 80%. After starting CPAP, without oxygen, his saturation came back to 95%, and so on, a few times: without the mask 80-87%, with the mask 95% and more, without oxygen. He has a bacterial superinfection. Unfortunately his treatment Levoxa [fluoroquinolone] + Viregyt, high-amplitude muscles tremors are starting but we are already on a pill twice a day. Beware of drugs interactions!!
Best regards to all.
Bows to dr. Bodnar.

Hania, 03.11.2020

I would like to thank dr. Bodnar for stopping the progress of the illness. My mother is fine. The effect is unbelievable after just one done. A persistent cough appeared three days later but gave way. From Monday to today she is taking only amantadine twice a day, her body temperature is 36,6 degrees Celsius. One again we thank dr. Bodnar. We wish you a lot of health and perseverance.

Dominik, 14.11.2020

The public discrediting of dr. Bodnar by dr. Grzesiowski in the media is nothing more than an attempt to forbid him from further treating with amantadine. People who could not get help from the public health services could count on the generous help of dr. Bodnar. I am a living example of that help. I went through COVID very badly. I was feeling worse day by day. Two days after taking the first dose of amantadine, my fever got reduced, my dyspnea wasn’t so much of a problem anymore and I was feeling better with every day. Today I am completely healthy and I think that if it wasn’t of dr. Bodnar’s attitude and commitment, it could have ended badly for me. I think that discriminating dr. Bodnar for helping patients with COVID is wrong and unjustified.
Compliments to dr. Bodnar for his altruistic help and commitment in treating patients. Thank you.

Stanisław, 13.11.2020

I found this website and was skeptical about it. My grandfather (83 years old) has just gotten a fever. When it got persistent for nine days, I decided there is nothing to wait for and I consulted with dr. Bodnar. He ordered to give my grandfather the medicine every eight hours and to inform him every day about his health status. We are now on the fifth day after the first dose of amantadine and my grandpa came back to life. After the first day his fever lowered. On the third day it went up again to 37,7 degrees but he didn’t need paracetamol. He currently started to eat and drink normally. Thank you Doctor for saving my grandfather’s life. I am eternally grateful to you. Best wishes.

Paweł, 12.11.2020

I had this blessing, that my brother supplied our family with Viregyt-K. He had his blessing, that his friend Beata the dentist from Barlinka announced to the world: save yourselves, buy the drug Viregyt, it works! She checked it on her neighbors, whose states were already very bad and who weren’t accepted by the hospital. When my brother was driving 300km for a drug, I though it was crazy. I didn’t believe in COVID and even more that it would get me. It got me, what I did not acknowledge (my mistake). I would like to write here (event though it may extend the length of my comment but maybe someone will find it useful) that the symptoms of COVID are very tricky and strange. It started with nausea, pressure down just like a swollen, stuck plum, giving such a distressing pain (for two days), a jumping fever low, high then nothing for two days, headache, lack of taste. Total weakness, only laying in bed. When on the eighth day I started coughing and got a very high fever that would not get lowered, I called doctor Bodnar (under the urging of my sister-in-law). The doctor picked up the phone and I was shocked – he answered. When I told him my story he yelled why I was waiting so long, that I surely already have pneumonia (which I did).
I started the Viregyt-K treatment. After the third dose already my condition improved immediately, I got my strength back and felt healthy. I could not believe it. I was feeling safe and healthy. Dr. Bodnar was answering every of my calls which was also truly pleasant in sickness: his behavior and talking was giving me strength. What a wonderful man. Answering his calls, even calling back himself! Giving advice, worrying for his patients – selflessly.
Doctor THANK YOU ! I bow low to you.
I spread the word wherever I can, a lot of people have already benefited. yesterday a medical family of six started a rescue with Viregyt-K (that we got from Germany under the trade-name AMANTADIN with a polish prescription).
On behalf of all of us I embrace you and your son.
I cannot accept the fact, that people are suffering, COVID wreaks havoc, people are dying and nobody would give it to them. You just want to scream!
I apologize for my long comment.
Katarzyna. Already healthy :)))
PS. With this Nobel Prize, I don’t know if that wouldn’t be an insult to dr. Bodnar as he is above that.

Katarzyna, 15.11.2020

In the morning of November 11th [a holiday in Poland], desperate, not believing he would pick up the phone, I called dr. Bodnar about my parents (92 and 88 years old). Their condition was worsening hour by hour. Increasing cough, recurrent fever, general weakness, respiratory problem in my father’s case, muscle pain, diarrhea. Dr. Bodnar not only answered the phone, but opened his clinic, examined my parents and even called the X-ray technician to work. I am in shock to this day. I was scheduled for a tele-consultation with a GP in 1,5 weeks and here I heard: “Please come immediately”.
Doctor, after administrating Viregyt-K and starting them on antibiotic therapy (both of them had pneumonia) everything went on as you promised. Within 48 hours their fever lowered, their cough became sporadic, their appetite and will to live slowly come back.
Please accept my sincerest thank for your help and empathy and for restoring my faith in men!

Halina, 17.11.2020

Testimonial source: https://przychodnia-przemysl.pl/relacje-pacjentow-z-leczenia-covid-19-chlorowodorkim-amantadyny/

2 thoughts to “Testimonials”


    10/02/2021 at 21:56

    Appreciate writing this. I love the world wide web because you can study something new every day. I’ll share this with my friends, thank you!

  • Vlodek

    03/04/2021 at 16:17

    Thank you Dr. W. Bodnar

    You are our’s ROBIN HOOD of the DAY. Please do not give up in the fight with diabolical powers which are suppressing real and reliable caring for people around the planet. We are following your every move.
    We have even try to arrange the interview with very popular and attractive program in Poland —
    7 metrow pod ziemia — with it’s founder Rafal Gebura, but we do not see at the moment any results of it.
    We have contacted his company about three weeks ago. You could do it also by your self. There is no need to todays world and situation, to personally to travel to Warsaw.
    We wish you all possible successes in this field of your work and in your personal life

    Best regards

    Vlodek and Danuta Tydor


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