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Clinic stays open for patients during COVID-19

Wlodzimierz Bodnar is a specialist in lung diseases and a pioneer with treating COVID19 using amantadine. We treat since March 2020, with over a thousand cases treated successfully.

Welcome to a longer, over 30-minute report on the operation of the Optima medical clinic. From a clinic that is still open to patients. Regardless of whether they are patients with #covid19 or other diseases. And also an important element, i.e. #amantadine, which allows you to heal without fear of a disease that has paralyzed our everyday life for almost a year. #covid19

The mentioned treatment regimen: https://przychodnia-przemysl.pl/how-to-treat-covid-19-in-48-hours-scheme/

History of the fight for normal treatment:
More in polish: https://przychodnia-przemysl.pl/category/aktualnosci/

Our Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/Przychodnia-Lekarska-Optima-Przemy%C5%9Bl-100740295192199

The film was made by Grzegorz Braun. The original is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AFVaa8caBY


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