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Amantadine conference in Rome, Italy – Włodzimierz Bodnar

Doctor Włodzimierz Bodnar, pediatrician, and pulmonologist, attended the conference in Rome, Italy, and was also present in the Italian Senate, where he was invited by the Italian Senate to discuss the effective treatment of COVID-19. It was attended by dozens of doctors, both from Italy and from around the world. The aim of the meeting was to: share experiences from around the world and develop a joint recommendation of effective therapies in the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infections, from prevention through early treatment to the advanced form of the disease, which would end the pandemic. This presentation is a summary of a three-day conference in which the last 18 months of treating patients with amantadine in COVID-19 disease in Poland are briefly discussed. One of the lecturers was Robert Malone, a recognized virologist, quoted by scientists several thousand times in many scientific papers. The treatment regimen is available on the website of the Optima Clinic: https://przychodnia-przemysl.pl/how-t… There are subtitles in Polish and English. Feel free to thumbs up and share.


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